A.I.M.S. (Action Item Management System)

Action item is assigned by Assigner to Assignee.

  • All action items must have a next action date. Upon assignment, the Assignee is responsible for providing the Assigner the completion date for the action item or a path to the date by which the completion date is identified.
  • Action items conveyed verbally must be followed by e-mail to insure that there's no miscommunications and that the expected deliverables are clear.
  • An Assignee may reassign the action item to another Assignee. The original Assginee must inform the Assigner of the assignment change. (i.e. there's always an owner for an action item.)
  • As soon as the Assignee is aware that they cannot deliver on a published date, they must inform the Assigner. Thus, it is not acceptable for a date to pass with no feedback from the Assignee.
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