Zuma Lifeguard Wiki

Mismatch in usage and meaning[]

its vs. it's
your vs. you're
then vs. than
"as far as xxx goes" vs. "as for, xxx"
except vs. accept
effect vs. affect
libel vs. liable

Incorrect spelling (or pronunciation)[]

Incorrect Correct
Antartic Antarctic
asterick asterisk
athelete athlete
dialate dilate
excape escape
expresso espresso
Febyuary February
heighth height
hi-archy hierarchy
irregardless regardless
jewlery jewelry
Klu Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan
libary library
miniture miniature
mischievious mischievous
perogative prerogative
prespire perspire
pronounciation pronunciation
realator realtor
reoccur recur
sherbert sherbet
Tiajuana Tijuana
triathalon triathlon
vice-a-versa vice versa
Wensday Wednesday
conversate converse

Incorrect usage[]

Incorrect Correct
early adapter early adopter
low and behold lo and behold
splitting image spitting image or spit and image
suppose to supposed to
take a different tact take a different tack
use to used to
wet your appetite whet your appetite
within parenthesis within parentheses
wreck havoc wreak havoc
any ways any way
catch 20 / 20 catch 22
coming down the pipe coming down the pike
could of could've
do to due to
flush it out flesh it out
hindsight is 50 / 50 hindsight is 20 / 20
it's now in my ballpark it's now in my court
it's six and one half dozen of the other it's six of one or half dozen of the other
mute point moot point
peak (or peek) my interest pique my interest
prostrate prostate
up and adam up and at 'em
going out on a lim going out on a limb
one in the same one and the same