.NET global object cache7 HabitsADO.NET
AIMSActivity FeedAlternative to SUBST
An Implementation of the Service Locator Pattern in C++Asm int 3Autologon.reg
Automatically backup your computer for freeAvoid Boolean ParametersBackup.bat -- Back up to a Backup file
Benefits of Decoupled ComponentsBest Pink Floyd albumsBoyer-Moore string matching algorithm
Brain Dead Hash FunctionC++ Timer for measuring performanceC Plus Plus Destruct / Construct same object
C Sharp Timer code for performance measurimentCall DLL functions -- Rules for manually pushing arguments on the stackCatching defects with Patterns
Cdd.batChat AbbreviationsClean.bat
ClearCase command to find all check-outsClearCase command to rename and recreate a branchCode C++ Functions to Prevent Clients Ignoring Return Values
Common euphemisms to refer to a software defectConvert ASCII to UNICODECopy Constructors and Assignment Operators
Copy files from a shareCreating a COM Object in plain CCreating a COM Object in plain C Plus Plus
DeMorganDecouped AssembliesDependency Injection
Dependency Injection By HandDetermine if a number is a prime at compile time in C++Determine if an exe or bat can be invoked
DirectoryTreeTraverseDo ghosts exists?Duff's device - Fast way to copy in chunks in C
Example ClearCase Config SpecsExcel VBA example to write to an Access tableExcel VBA for working with Worksheets
Executable SpecificationFavorite MusicFfmpeg
Fibonacci function in Small BasicFitNesseFolder Sort Order
GetTickCountGitGoogleMocks Reference
GoogleTest ReferenceHippoMocks ReferenceHow I use GTD
How to CoCreate an object in COM directlyHow to Think Like a GeniusHow to Unit Test Unmanaged Code
How to Unit Test Unmanaged Code -- Testing COM objects -- Examples and Additional detailsHow to call methods of an in-proc COM object that's not registeredHow to convert .NET DateTime to Variant Time in VBA
How to debug an MSI custom actionHow to lose weightHow to permanently set an environment variable
How to use Pex as a stubs frameworkHow to write pure unit testsIdtypes.idl
Initialize an array of structs in C SharpIrritating misquotes and mispronunciationsKill HTA
LDAP VBA exampleLeap year logicLinked list in C
LockWorkstationManaged CustomAction for MSI / WiXMeaining of Synonyms and stuff
Measuring Test AutomationMoved: Calculate Fibonacci at compile time in C++Moved: Code to get COM's HWND
Moved: CoolMoved: Crc16Moved: CsvReader
Moved: CsvWriterMoved: Determine from code if the code has /EHa switchMoved: Formula to find the day of the week given the date
Moved: How to teachMoved: KJ TechniquesMoved: Launch and Wait for a Console App
Moved: LinuxMoved: Minunit.hMoved: Pi
Moved: Poor Man's C Sharp LoggerOUTLOOK VBA: modTasksObject Oriented C
PitchPlace Mac OS/X Documents folder in DropboxPrefer Strong Type-checking of C++ Integral Types
PythonQuotesRead Unix type configuration files
RefactoringRegfind exampleRobocopy
Sampe Access VBA code for working with RecordsetsSample SMTP session using telnetSandbox
Setting the git global editorSimple component creation using C SharpSimple component creation using JScript
Simulating Local Variables in Small BasicSimulating Parameters in Small BasicSome sample AppleScripts
Ss allPagesStore C Sharp class in JSONStore C Sharp class in XML
TDDTechnical Interview QuestionsTersus
Tetris in Microsoft Small BasicThe Case for "PhraseFixture" -- a better DoFixture() for use with FIT and FitNesse Acceptance Testing FrameworkThe problem with bishes these days
Three types of methodsTo Be Or Not To BeTrue Inheritance with JavaScript
UACUnderstand How Handle C++ Compiler Warning LevelsUnderstand How To Pick the Correct C++ Container
Understanding IDisposableUnit TestingUnit Testing in VBA
Unit testUse C++ Compile-time AssertionsUse of raw pointers
Using BindingListUsing JScript Eval from C Sharp in .NETUsing Unity Container
Using WxWidgets on WindowsUsing template (.tt) files in Visual StudioUsing the old javareg to register a Java class file as a COM
VBA: Common.basVBA to Create a new Access DBVLC command line
Variant Streaming CodeVarious VBA String routinesWCF Examples
WPFWebAPIWebAPI as a Service
Web ScrapingWhat is a Unit TestWiX Examples
WikiTaxiWindows 7 God ModeWrite C++ const-correct code
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